Sunday, January 23, 2011


Several years ago I was part of an online group called The Traveling Rats. Wonderful plush rats created by The Raggy Rat Lady traveled the world, spending time with hosts from all over. One of those rats, Amelia Ratkins, retired to live with me. Recently, I decided to start the rats traveling again. While Amelia stays with me and does day trips and mainly local travels, her brother, Cabot Ratkins, is free to travel the globe as his sister once did. I'm not too web savvy, but I started a blog for them: Ratkins Deux the World. Amelia also has a Facebook page where I post even more pictures. We have a few followers on the website itself and a few on Networked Blogs. But we don't have many. I'd really like to promote my traveling rats. Check out the blog and you'll see a button on the top left corner that says "Follow". I'd really appreciate it if you would become a follower. If you're on Facebook request to become friends with Amelia Ratkins. If you're a part of Networked Blogs, please, follow them their too. Does anyone have ideas on how I can promote these traveling rats?

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