Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Filthy Horse & A Router

When I woke up this morning I saw that all the snow had melted. It did reach 50 degrees yesterday! However, when I turned on my computer, I saw that it was 28 degrees. A little later, I looked outside and saw snowflakes-and the snowflakes were starting to cover the grass. As I drove to the barn, the snow was falling at a pretty good pace-the road was even snow covered in parts. I met my friend Kim at the barn. Boy did I luck out-she wasn't sure if I was coming out and she wanted to put Harley's blanket on. Which meant she had to clean the mud off of him-at least where the blanket covered him. He was filthy-but I only had to clean mane, tail, legs, head, and belly. Boy he had fun rolling in the mud yesterday. He also broke his halter. Fortunately, I have a spare. After that I went to Best Buy to buy a router. I set it up and now I'm wireless! I'm not able to figure out how to set up my Nintendo DSi (it says I need a USB port for it?) but I got the Wii all set up-so I know it works! Yea me. As I look out-we have plenty of snow again. Happy January!

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