Saturday, January 8, 2011

Changing Weather

When I left the house this morning all was quiet outside. Although it said there was a 70% chance of snow, nothing was happening and the accumulation was only supposed to be an inch. I drove all the way across town on clear roads with no snow (aside from what was already on the ground). Spent time at my first stop, left, spend time at my second stop. Nothing going on. I started home on dry roads. As I continued to drive, I looked ahead, what's that? It looked weird up ahead. Kept driving, "oh it's snowing". Suddenly the road started to get snow covered. Then I saw brake lights up ahead. Within 2 minutes I went from 65 MPH to about 30 MPH; I could only see about 100 yards ahead of me. The road wasn't too bad...although we all passed 3 cars along the side of the road. By the time I got to downtown the visibility had improved, but the roads were still covered with snow. By the time I reached my exit there was just a small amount of snow on the road and it was barely snowing. Gotta love that changeable WNY weather!

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