Monday, January 24, 2011


I love magazines. I'm not the only one either. My friend, Vinnie, wrote about his love for magazines. Another friend has admitted her addiction to magazines. I'm not THAT dedicated. I subscribed to a few magazines, but let those lapse. I wasn't that thrilled with them and decided to save the money. However, what at the grocery store I'd peruse the magazine aisle and look. I'd eventually be tempted and purchase one or two. While Vinnie may prefer more news and gossip style magazines, I tend to fall for the cooking and gardening ones...along with some crafting, animal, and the odd poker magazine. They have so many unique magazines out there. Culture isn't about the arts, but rather cheese! There are magazines devoted to beer, plush toys, teddy bears, and more! Today I couldn't help but buy the latest issue of Hobby Farm Home. Hey- I can learn how to make olive oil and my own cheddar cheese! As Vinnie said, though, magazines are expensive. I've decided that I just may subscribe to a few; the cost, after all, will be less than my periodic grabs at the grocery store! In fact, I just reinstated my subscription to The Herb Companion. I got a great deal in the mail. I also just discovered Edible Finger Lakes. I think I may subscribe to that one...maybe Edible Buffalo too. Another favorite is Mental Floss; lots of great, interesting information with a slightly irreverent twist. It really makes learning fun! There are more too, magazines that tempt. I'll try to be strong, but the lure is great. What are your favorite magazines?

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