Thursday, December 2, 2010

Time Travel

There are several programs I follow on television. However, sometimes other things are going on that prevent me from watching-like having to leave for work or perhaps even having plans out! Solution-my VCR (yes, I know, old fashioned and out of date-but it works). The problem came when I got digital cable. Now, I can only tape 1 program at a time and I must leave the TV on and set to that station. What a hassle. And what happens if I want 2 shows that follow each other, but are on 2 different stations? And then, sometimes I completely for get to set the VCR. It seems that my cable station has come up with a solution for its digital cable subscribers-time travel. Supposedly, you can watch a show you missed anytime, up to 3 days after it aired. Not all channels are involved, but I saw that Bravo and the Food Network are. (I'm set for Top Chef All Stars and Aarti Party.) I hope the CW, channel 13, and PBS are involved. I haven't tried it out yet-but hopefully it'll work. I'm especially thankful as I'm being forced to switch to evening shift and will consequently miss all of my shows!

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