Sunday, April 11, 2010

Missed Again

I did it again. I missed another day. I guess I am having issues lately. I have several daily things I do...and when my schedule gets wonky, I leave things out. I actually woke up in the middle of the night realizing that I hadn't posted. It was after midnight, so it was too late then. Saturdays are always tough-that's when I usually forget to do my daily brain age training. I get home from work a little later than usual as I generally fill the car up with gas (it's cheaper near my work), but I then get right to bed. Then, in order to switch from a night shift schedule to a day shift one, I get about 4-5 hours of sleep. I try to go closer to 4, but my body generally refuses and puts it closer to 5. I like to just stay at home and accomplish things around the house, as it's getting late already, but if I have plans on Sunday-I need to get things done on Saturday. After catching up online (alas NOT writing in my blog) I went to pick up Seneca's prescription. That took some doing as I had to renew her coverage and then deal with some issues with my prescriptions (automatic plan is refilling too often and I want to switch from 1 generic to another on a different medication). Once I sorted that out I went home and put the additive into my car to hopefully stop the oil leak. Keep fingers crossed that this $5 treatment will work instead of the $510 repair! Then it was time to visit Harley. I cleaned him up then lunged him. I guess he understood me when I was talking about the Kentucky Derby prep races being run that way as he decided to show me that he was indeed a race horse. At one point he started galloping so fast I was spinning, he was a blur, and I was rapidly becoming too dizzy. I told him "easy" and he immediately slowed to a fast trot. After I slowed him more I decided to let him off the line to run it out. I knew he was wanting to buck. So I let him go, when I told him it was OK he took off like he had wings-running, bucking, getting all that energy out there. After cooling him out for a long time, I still had to remove his water bucket from his stall. I told the owner what was going on and that I'd be back to replace it in a bit. So then I went to Best Buy to get a new memory card (til I have time to make sure I have back ups and can delete the old stuff) and the grocery store to pick up supper and a few other things. Back to the barn-Harley was fine, returned his water and hay. The other horses voiced dismay that THEY weren't getting more hay, but sorry, they finished theirs earlier-Harley didn't. Finally back home, a call to Mom, heat up of my $6 meal from Wegman's, uncork the wine, just in time for my Brit Coms on PBS. Yes, it was a busy day!


Steph said...

I am tired just from hearing about your busy day.

Sandra Proto said...

I'm with Steph. I thought I had it bad.