Monday, December 14, 2009


I am traumatized. This morning I had to go to the dentist to repair a chipped filling and a cracked crown. We started with the drilling. Easy peasie. He could drill on me all day, and I couldn't care less. I don't use Novocaine either. Why bother? That hurts more than the drilling. OK we drilled without any problem-heck, I didn't even feel it for the crown, the other was a little sensitive-but certainly no biggie. However, what came next was my personal nightmare. They had to take an impression of my tooth for the crown. I don't deal well with getting those impressions. I have a major gag reflex and when I have to bite down and it oozes all over....hideous. I warned them. The doctor put it in and left and I started gagging and fighting the assistant while trying to get the thing out of my mouth. She had me in a headlock to keep it in. When she finally took it was no good. We had to do it again. Kill me now. The tears were already streaming down my face. We tried again. It was still awful, but doctor stayed a bit longer, holding me down as well and both of them telling me to breathe through my nose. I calmed a bit and he left. She eventually took it out. Better. But they needed to just do a bit more-"just a drop of gloop, it won't be bad", the doc then told me to think of it, not as taking an impression, but this was my mouthpiece and I was getting ready to fight Muhammad Ali. It was still awful, but not as bad. I thought we were done, when she took this caulking gun and squirted goop around my bottom teeth and told me to bite down. What the hell?!?!?! Fortunately that took mere seconds. The poor assistant just shook her head, "You do drilling without Novocaine, but have issues with impressions." I'm weird, what can I say. I go back in January to get the real crown, I have a temporary now.

Then I had to get my glasses fixed. The eye place no longer accepts my insurance, so I had to go to Lenscrafters...which is in the mall...11 days before Christmas. The trauma continues.

But my glasses are fixed, my teeth OK, I'm feeling ill (chills, nausea, etc) so I called in sick. I'm in my comfy clothes and I think I need a drink!

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