Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pictures With Santa

Just because I don't have human children doesn't mean I forgo pictures with Santa. Callie has seen Santa every year of her life-this makes visit #4. She was a very good girl, though not too pleased with the whole situation. Amazingly she didn't hiss or scratch this little blonde girl that rushed up to her and started petting her. The mother was a mile away, of course, finally calling to the kid who wouldn't get away from Callie even when we were trying to get the picture (she was in the shot!) As soon as we got the shot, Santa is still holding Calumet, the girl rushes back and gloms on to my poor cat. She was gentle as she pet her, but Jeeze Louise, you don't run up to any cat, let alone a strange cat, hands out to touch. Fortunately, Callie was a lady and didn't do anything and I spirited her away from the who went to antagonize the dogs who were next in line.

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Steph said...

I'm afraid to take my trio - it might traumatize Santa. Abbie would try to clean his nose, Nash would think the beard is to chew on, and Riley would insist that she be held like the others - all 45 pounds of her.