Wednesday, December 9, 2009

They Moved the Jalepenos!

During work last night the snow began. It was snowing pretty good, looking like 2-3 inches, but it seemed the roads were OK-at least they looked OK from the windows. As the day shift was coming in one person said the roads were fine, just a little slushy. The next person warned me to be very careful driving as she had seen 6 cars off the road and the conditions were very slippery. All rightie then. As I left work however, conditions changed. It was no longer snowing, but raining. And a freezing, sleety rain at that! There wasn't much snow to brush off the car, the rain was melting it away. So I was off-I decided to do my errands anyway. The roads weren't too bad. First stop-grocery store. I actually had a list-some dinner recipes (well ingredients for dishes I thought I could throw together) and some baking supplies. I was looking for the jarred jalapenos and for the life of me could not find them. I was wandering around forever. I found the imported jar ones, but I wanted my regular USA ones. After more wandering (and yes, this was my usual store too) I finally found them. The other end of the aisle with the imported ones, next to the chocolate animals I commented on to myself earlier. Yes, I walked by these jalapenos a few times. But I found them. And bought them. Only to discover a full bottle of them at home. Sigh. Oh well. Back home I unpacked the groceries and took off, once again, to the post office. Another package out along with all but one of my Christmas cards (need an address). Then it was off to the bank to deposit some checks (yea!). I took a few holiday pics, then back to home and bed! A busy morning, no doubt!

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