Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009-Year in Review

2009 wasn't such a good year for me. I got hurt at work requiring a trip to the ER, much unbelievable pain, and I'm still not right. I missed work for 8 months (not such a bad thing). I was unable to ride my horse for 8 months (bad thing) and still have lots to go to be able to ride as I once did. The worst loss was saying goodbye to my wonderful dog Barrett. We had 13 years together and I was able to be home with him for a good part of his last months-I'm grateful for that. His death and the deaths of Paulie and Vinnie were bad parts. There were good parts. Seeing my Ohio friends, both here and in Ohio. Doing some day trips, alone and with my folks. Seeing my good friend Vinnie 20 years. Celebrating Halloween with my first taste of a ghost hunt. Adding Aquinas, Harrison, and Dylan to the family. Joining my friend and working on a web magazine, writing more...all good things. So here's to 2010-my it be a year of peace, prosperity, and joy! Happy New Year!

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