Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wrong Address?

I may have made an e-mail goof. I e-mailed BPI a few days ago and haven't heard back yet. I looked at their card today and saw the e-mail address. Hmmm. Only one "i" at the start. Did I put an extra "i" in there? Did they not get my e-mail? Or are they just too busy? Or are they waiting til the audio is cleaned up. The e-mail didn't come back to me as undeliverable. Should I re e-mail?


Pidge said...

Your email program probably has a "sent" folder. Look in there and you can double check what email address you sent to. If it's right, then I'd wait a week before re-sending, but I tend to be passive-aggressive ;)

Katreader said...

For some reason the only things in my sent folder are from 2001! It's been a week-I'll e-mail again tonight or tomorrow.