Monday, November 2, 2009

All Souls Day -Halloween EVP at Marjim Manor

Today is All Souls Day; what better day to describe my adventures at Marjim Manor this Halloween. As you may recall, I went to an event called Lewis' Ghost Hunt at Marjim Manor this Halloween. There was food, wine, tarot reading, and a talk and mini ghost hunt led by Buffalo Paranormal Investigators (BPI). When I first got there I felt the cold on my knees again. I think Duke was saying hello. Then later I nearly had a heart attack when I saw a German Shepard walk into the room. Duke! A full bodied canine apparition that looked completely solid. Well, the dog was completely solid. She was a she and a live dog-not Duke. But I'd never seen a dog there before and somehow I knew that Duke was a German Shepard, without being told. That night it was confirmed that Duke was a German Shepard. Cool. When it came time for the hunt we, the guests, broke up into groups with one member of BPI. I was with Pat, co-founder of the group, and we got to go to the basement first. I've never been in the basement, but BPI has caught some things down there, as has TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society). We did an EVP session. I asked if Dr. Ring was there. I said that I knew he was a doctor of nervous disorders in Buffalo and told him that I worked with people with nervous disorders in Rochester. I wondered if he had any advice. We didn't hear anything. Later I asked again. We tried to get knocks-nothing. Some people felt cold spots-but nothing much registered on the equipment. At one point my right ankle felt a bit cool. I said it was OK to touch me. Nothing. Pat then asked the spirit to touch my arm, that I had said it was OK. The entire group took 2 steps away from me...but I didn't feel anything. We then switched out and went to the porch. We decided to listed to the recorder to see if we got anything. We did. After I asked Dr. Ring for advice...we heard a reply. Couldn't make out the words, but there was a definite response. When I asked again...another reply. Maybe Dr. Ring has some good advice for me. BPI will clean up the tape-I can't wait to hear it again! A spirit spoke to me!

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Steph said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun.