Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Absurd New Cancer Guideline

I heard something absolutely ridiculous on the radio this morning. Some government study is now saying that women should wait until they're 50 to get their first mammogram and then get it every 2 years after that. At the moment, the guideline is to get your first, a baseline, at around 35, then once a year once you hit 40. That's the way it should be. Waiting til 50 is ridiculous-and a possible death sentence. I friend of mine has breast cancer-she's 45. Heck, one of the morning DJs waited to get her 1st mammogram until she was 41 or so-they found cancer. She underwent treatment and is currently cancer free. If she'd waited til 50-she'd be dead. Early detection is the key to cancer. I'm wondering is this is just a trick to get women not to go-so the government and insurance won't be paying for it. When I got my baseline in my late 30's they found something. Thank God it was benign, but you bet your boots I'm getting it checked every year. With the new guidelines will my insurance no longer cover it? Will I have to go to Canada to get a yearly mammogram? What are the odds this study was made by a bunch of men? Be strong, be firm, fight the absurdity and get your mammograms! It could save your life.

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