Saturday, December 8, 2007

A Visit With Santa

I took Barrett for his annual picture with Santa, the first without Brioche. I was going to take Calumet too, but I couldn't find her Christmas collar, then I couldn't find her. I think she was hiding under the tub with Aleister. At any rate, it was a good thing she didn't go. The great PetSmart closed so I had to go to a smaller, much more trafficy one. There were lots of people with lots of dogs. Fortunately, Barrett knew Santa was watching and was very good-even when a young Asta type dog jumped on him wanting to play. He let some young Shiba Inus sniff him as well as some other dogs-but then he saw Lily, a graceful, young Golden. The growling, barking, and lunging began every time he saw her. The people running it weren't that great either. You waited..then they gave you the paperwork to pay, then you had to go to the front of the store, pay, come back, wait some more, get your picture taken, then wait for the picture. They did digital this year (instead of Polaroid) and the people were having camera issues. Santa wasn't too friendly grabbing all dogs, big or small, and sitting them on his lap. You only got one picture (you used to get 2)-and the color was quite funky. I'm debating whether to take Callie by herself next week. I have her first 2 Christmases-it would be neat to have one every year of her life. We'll see.


Bun-Girl said...

Something a lot of folks don't know about the PetSmart photos with Santa thing is that they're run by local animal shelters. So the people you were dealing with were probably all volunteers who were just told about the switch to digital this week. However, next week is likely to be a different shelter (if they run things in your area the same as down here). At any rate, you're doing a good thing by supporting your local animal charities (who get a cut of the price of your pictures) so I would say, go for it! (But that's just me...)

Katreader said...

Thanks for the's good to know. I've taken my dogs every year since I've had them. This was the first year without Brioche. I'm not sure if I'll put Callie through the ordeal or not. We'll have to make sure we're there first thing so she doesn't get too freaked out-I don't think cats are as cut out for Santa visits as dogs.