Saturday, December 15, 2007

Great Job, Wegman's

I have to hand it to Wegman's. This grocery store is the best. I went this afternoon expecting a crowd-Saturday afternoon, 10 days to Christmas, blizzard expected tonight. Sure enough, the place was jam packed. People were in every aisle, stocking up on everything. I've never seen it so crowded-you constantly were saying, and hearing, "Excuse me" as people were trying to get the things they needed, or to just get by. I got my stuff and was at the far end of the store-so I got into a far checkout lane...and didn't have to wait. I was still unloading my cart as the checker started to welcome me and check me out. I finished and walked by every register-all of which were open-all 25 of them. The place was busy, jam packed with people, yet I was out of there in no time. Great job, Wegman's!


Bun-Girl said...

Wow -- that's pretty impressive! I wish some of the stores around here would take the hint and do that too. It doesn't matter how packed they are, there are never more than two or tree registers open. Why do they bother having 20 checkout lines when they only ever use a few??? If we had a store here that made use of all their checkouts, I'd never shop anywhere else!

Katreader said...

Wegman's is great. It's no wonder they're rated one of the best companies in the US. They were #2 this year and #1 the year before.