Saturday, December 1, 2007


It may only be December 1st, but I'm making a New Year's Resolution-to be more organized! I wasted sooooo much time yesterday looking for 2 things. I found the Christmas present I was looking for right before I went to bed...OK actually I had gone to bed, turned out the lights, realized that I couldn't find 2 of the other stamps I bought at the same time as the missing one either-although I did see the clear stamps and brads I got at the same time. That got me to thinking...I bought other things at the same time with the missing present and they were in a bag... BINGO! I turned on the light, went to the attic and the Christmas room-found the bag with the present. Yea. But no luck on the stamp. But, I found the stamp this morning-in the craft room-just in about the one storage box I didn't look in. So here's to December and getting organized!

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