Friday, December 28, 2007

Risk It?

I did my first foray to the stores after Christmas today...and got quite a few bargains. At the Hallmark shop, the ornaments are now 50% off. There were a few I saw before Christmas and liked, but wanted to wait and see if I could snag them for less-which I did. However, I also saw several that I bought BEFORE Christmas-which, if I'd had waited, I would have had them for half off. But I didn't. Hallmark had a new set-Kringlewood Farms. I bought all of them at regular price (well, kind of, I got the cottage at less than half price when I bought 2 other pieces)-and saw most of them for half off now. The thing is-you never know if the ones you really want will be there after Christmas. And I don't go out hunting the day after either. you risk it? I didn't. Will I next year? We'll see.

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