Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Raise Awareness Wednesday - Special Funds Needed

It's horrible when an unexpected catastrophic event happens to your animal. Vet costs skyrocket-and, in most cases, there is no insurance. But what happens when these events happen to stray animals or animals in shelters? Lack of money may be a death sentence...but not necessarily. Many rescue organizations have special funds just for emergencies such as these. The Erie County SPCA has the Yelp for Help Fund. Big Dogs Big Hearts had a special Valentine's Day fund for some puppies with Parvo as well as Franklin, a dog who was starving. A few weeks ago Sam and I were looking for a dog in foster care who ran away from training. The dog was found, but had been hit by a car resulting in a shattered femur, pelvis, and internal injuries. GRASP, the rescue organization caring for Haylee has an Angel Fund, so that people can donate for her care, or others that may need medical assistance. Please consider donating to help any of these animals...or look for a similar fund at your local shelter or rescue.

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