Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I have a migraine, a really bad one. I get them often and it started last evening at work. I didn't have my prescription with me, but I took some OTC stuff and was able to keep it at bay. I woke up this morning and it was niggling there. My leg was also acting up. My back injury has caused issues with my left leg. It was kind of cramping, but not really. Then, as I sat, I could actually see the muscles moving underneath my skin?!?!? Freaky. That started feeling more normal, I took my prescription migraine pill, and took Sam for his walk. I started thinking about calling in sick to work. I had stopped at the grocery store after work and was all set for my lunches. I needed to be at work Thursday as I have to fax in the last of my 2011 medical receipts, should I call in just for today? Today and tomorrow? Or just tough it out. We got home and I started feeling worse. The medicine helped with the pain...but I have stiffness in my arms, and feel as if I could vomit at any second. Combined with yesterday's bathroom issues...I called in. I usually don't for my migraines-but this one has knocked me for a loop-and maybe something else is going on with me as well. Lots of people at work are sick. My migraines usually last 3 days-so hopefully I'll be back to normal (well, as normal as I ever am) by Thursday. As soon as the guy comes to pick up my lawn tractor, I'm going back to bed.

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