Sunday, September 2, 2012


I've been thinking of adding to the family for some time. Although I was periodically perusing shelter sites, I had kind of decided to wait until Spring. However, Fate always plays a hand. I had gone to Lollypop Farm to adopt Neige and Blizzard, my newest rats, and saw the cutest black cat called Licorice. I left with the rats, but kept thinking about that cat. Every time I looked at the adoptable cats at Lollypop, I saw that he was still available. He was an older cat, and even though I've found it easier to introduce kittens than adults I was seriously thinking of adopting him. Fate stepped in and Lollypop was having a special cat event-all cats were free on Wednesday, and I was actually off work, on vacation. I decided that if he was still there, I'd adopt him. Here comes Fate again-my car died Tuesday and I had no way to get to the shelter. Licorice was adopted that day and I hope he went to a wonderful home. I was lucky though-Lollypop had a contest and I won-I guessed the number of cats adopted that day-132! I got a rental car and Friday I went to pick up my prize. While waiting I looked around at the cats and saw several kittens that hadn't been available Wednesday. I met with a nice white and brown kitten, but we didn't bond. Then I met Kitten #1, a tiny black kitten and fell in love. I decided I'd adopt him, but I wasn't quite prepared to bring him home. Fate stepped in again. The kitten had a rough time, battling a parasite. He still had diarrhea, so they wouldn't release him for adoption. They put him on hold for me and said the clinic would get back to me. I called every few days-he still had diarrhea. Two weeks later I got the call, I could adopt him...but he was still having digestive issues. A vet called me and I spoke to my vet, and I decided to go ahead with the adoption-as fate would have it-I got the day off work. Hopefully, the new Licorice (I really liked that name) will be fit as a fiddle soon. We see my doctor on Tuesday. Soon I'll introduce him to my current kids and hopefully we'll soon be one big happy family!

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