Tuesday, September 11, 2012


When I opened up Facebook today I saw post after post remembering that fateful day 11 years ago: 9-11-01. Then I saw another post from someone that didn't want to remember. I can understand that, sometimes you don't want to remember tragic events, especially if you were directly involved. Then I read the reasoning and became a bit perplexed. This person didn't want to remember because "no country did this" and asks that if you don't commemorate Christian atrocities why commemorate this one. Not one of the many (and believe me there were many) posts I read mentioned war or religion. What was remembered was the heroism of the people involved. I saw no mentions of hate or intolerance, I saw people coming together. The only mention of religion came from this person-a "friend" of a friend. I hadn't intended on writing about 9-11 today, but I'm still stumped by this person's post. What's wrong about commemorating, not a "religious atrocity" but the patriotic heroism of American citizens and first responders?

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