Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Raise Awareness Wednesday - Chinese Chicken "Treats"

You want to give your dogs good treats. You also don't want to pay a fortune. You see some neat, healthy looking treats in the store-dried chicken wrapped around some fruit, perhaps-so you buy it. The problem is that lots of dog treats are made in China, and there have been numerous accounts of dogs getting ill, and even dying, from eating these treats. I know I look carefully at the labels now and will refuse to take a chance. I will not buy any treat made in China. You have to be careful though. I saw a package with a US flag on it and bought it. When I looked more closely I saw that it was packaged in the USA-but made in China! Here's a link to the latest USDA Product Safety Information with Questions and Answers Regarding Chicken Jerky Treats from China. It was updated today. Be careful and support US jobs-look for products made in the USA.

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Steph said...

I watch that very carefully. Some of the packages even have well known Kennel Club names on the packages, but if you read carefully, they come from China.