Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Sandwich

Tuesday evening at work was so busy that I never got a break. I came home and, fortunately, remembered that I didn't eat and put my sandwich in the fridge to take the next day. Wednesday I got ready for work. When it was almost time to go I got the sandwich and a go-gurt from the fridge and put them, along with an orange and my flavored water in a bag which I hung on the kitchen door knob. I ran upstairs to the bathroom, then put on my coat and gave Sam his marrow bone filled with peanut butter...which he had been "talking" about when I was upstairs. I grabbed my work bag and lunch and was headed out the door when BOOM, the water fell out of the bag along with the go-gurt. I looked down and saw a huge hole in the bag. I had been using the bag for a while and it seemed thin...but where was the orange...and my sandwich? I went back to the kitchen and found the orange...but where was the sandwich? Then I saw the empty baggie. Sam! Apparently, Sam grabbed the bag, made a hole and got the orange and sandwich out-while leaving the bag attached to the door knob. He then removed the sandwich from the baggie and ate it! By that time it was too late to make another sandwich, so I just grabbed the cheese and luncheon meat and stuck that, along with the rest of the loaf of bread in a new bag. So much for preparing my lunch early!

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Steph said...

This sounds like something one of my kids would do.