Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sam's Health Issues

My poor dog, Sam, continues to have health problems. The good news is that he doesn't have glaucoma...the bead news is that he has uvitis. He's on Baytril and will return to see the doctor then. Hopefully, things will have improved and he can get his vaccinations. His ears are bad again-so they'll need treatment, and I need to get more medicated shampoo for his weekly bath...his skin condition isn't much better. His joins are bothering him more as well, so I'll probably have to start him on something stronger. Right now he's taking allergy medicine 3 times a day and he just started Baytril for his eye. The cost of Baytril for an 85 pound dog is quite a bit higher than that for a pound and a half rat! Yikes. Hopefully, it will work. Please, keep Sam in your thoughts. Thanks!

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