Monday, November 28, 2011

Customer Service

I was excited, then furious, then mad, then pleased. It all started Black Friday. was having cyber lightning deals-you were able to get great bargains as long as you got them in your cart and checked out in time. They were nice enough to post what was on sale when-so I woke up Friday and got online to get the second season of The Vampire Diaries for only $9.99. I was also getting the final Redwall book to add to my total to get free shipping, but I needed another item. Then I saw the lightening deal for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. Whoo hoo. I needed it, the price was great, and the timing would be close to get Vampire Diaries too-but it was doable. Got all the items in my cart and went to check out. Tried to combine to get free wouldn't let me. I get a warning that time is running out on my deal. The site won't let me check out. "We're sorry" the new screen read. Sorry?!?!? I lost the deal, I lost both deals. I was furious. I looked at the forums and discovered that many people were having the same problem. All of us losing deals. I was praying the matter would be resolved by the time the True Blood deal was out (Season 2 for $9.99!) I was lucky-not only was I able to get True Blood-they resold the Vampire Diaries-so I was able to get that...but no Harry Potter. Plus I had to buy more to get the free shipping-the Potter price would have been a perfect sale. I was able to calm a bit, I was able to buy the 2 items I really wanted at fantastic prices...but I was still mad. Then I came home after work Sunday night and found an e-mail from Amazon. They heard I had difficulty on the site and lost my lightning deal of Harry Potter-if I wanted I could buy it now at the lightning price. I did. Now that's great customer service.

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