Sunday, November 13, 2011

Art Expo

Last evening I went to the Animal Art Expo at the Seneca Park Zoo. This event is my favorite local event. The zoo keeps entry prices down, I'm sure so people will spend more money on art and raffle tickets! This event is for those 21 years of age and older and they have appetizers and a bar. The food is free with admission (only $3 in advance for Zoo members, $5 for everyone else) and there's a cash bar. The art work is actually created by the animals at the zoo! Some of the more prolific artists are Anna, the cougar, Aurora, the polar bear, and Admiral, the river otter. But pieces are done by many more critters as well. Some pieces are available to purchase immediately, then there is a silent auction, and many pieces are part of a raffle. They also had 2 spotlight auctions. These tickets are much more expensive, but the prizes are extra special. One was a painting by the 2 rhinos AND a meet and great with the artists themselves. The second was the one I tried to win (and lost). The prize was a yet unpainted picture by Aurora. The winner would be able to choose the colors Aurora would paint with and actually be there when she painted it! Not only that-she donated her chewed rubber toy! Talk about a conversation piece! I chose not to buy a piece right out, and I didn't win any of the raffle pieces. I got outbid in most of my silent auction pieces...but I refused to go home empty handed. I stayed by my final silent auction piece and won it! A small painting by Buffy, Xander, and Willow-the racoons!

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