Thursday, October 13, 2011

Aleister's Ears

My cat, Aleister, has had ears problems for several years. At first it was thought they were polyps. Then it was thought they weren't...but the vet had no clue what they were. We finally decided to have a biopsy done and try to figure it out. As my vet was removing the growths in Aleister's ears they used a black goo and doc feared it was cancer. Fortunately he didn't share his fear (at that point) and he was wrong. He basically cauterized as many of the growths as he could..and removed 2 of Aleister's teeth. Poor Aleister. I had to give him pills twice a day for a week. Although he wouldn't sleep with me, he only hid a few times and I was able to give him all his medication. The pathology report came back-something doc, nor his associate, had ever heard of with no known cause. We went back to the vet to see how he was healing and doc put a silver cream in his ears-to aid the healing. Aleister finally decided to start sleeping with me again. We returned again-more cream. We returned again, Doc was pleased with the healing, and decided it was time to start treating the ear infection. Doc looked at me. "Aleister is a cat." Yes. "With ear infections you have to put drops in the ears twice a day. After 3 days cats decide to hide where they can not be found." So instead of giving me drops, he packed Aleister's ears with a time release compound which lasts for 10 days. We go back then for another recheck. Poor Aleister has never had to travel so much. Thank heaven's the vet is close by!

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