Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

I wish everyone a joyous Easter! I actually celebrated the holiday yesterday. I took the trip to my folks house. We started with a traditional Easter breakfast: fresh Polish sausage with beet horseradish, rye bread with butter (from a butter lamb, of course) hard boiled Easter eggs, and fresh pineapple. After that Mom and I went to the cemetery. We put flowers on the graves and wished everyone a Happy Easter. Back home and the eating continued-chips and my favorite leek dip and champagne! Then dinner! Easter ham (with beet horseradish and/or honey mustard-I switched it up between the two) mashed potatoes and gravy. We called my aunt in California, then dessert-homemade chocolate mousse! Fully stuffed I made my way home to my kids. Today is a relaxing day with those kids. Sam and I had our walk early, then Harley and I had a ride. Now I'm in comfy clothes. I'm about to open the champagne and have some snacks. Then I have to clean rat cages..and perhaps work around the house...I hope you're having a wonderful Easter!

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