Monday, April 25, 2011

Dyngus Day!

Happy Dyngus Day! You know you're in Buffalo when you go to 3 stores and 2 of them wish you a Happy Dyngus Day! I love the day to share my Polish pride, even if I didn't smack anyone with a pussywillow branch. I wore my Polish Platter t-shirt from andBuffalo as well as my Polish Buffalo hoodie from Celebrate Buffalo. I picked up my grand prize from the Erie County SPCA and almost brought home a cat. He's a 7 month old charmer-even my mom was smitten. My cats would kill me-"First you bring home a another cat!!!!!" But he is so tempting...At any rate-I got tons of goodies for all of the kids thanks to Aquinas' big win! Mom and I also stopped at Penzey's Spices where we picked up some goodies and got free stuff-yea coupons! We also met a sweet cat in the shop next door-Pudding. I also met a nice macaw who talked with me..."Hi!" It was a nice day...and I completely agree with what my mom said; what made it extra nice was the animals. Now, about an extra cat...

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