Monday, February 8, 2010


Vito crossed the Rainbow bridge during the early hours of this morning. I had noticed him slowing down a few days ago, but he seemed OK. Then last night before I went to bed I knew he wouldn't last the night. I held him for quite a while and told him it was OK to go and be with his brothers. The babies are a bit confused. Last night they kept shoving him around, trying to get him to move-especially Aquinas. I decided to move Vito to his old cage, in his favorite igloo. This morning the babies were all huddled together on the ledge-which is unusual for them; they're generally in the hammock, teepee, or barn (like an igloo). Vito was a timid boy and a most gentle soul. He will be greatly missed.

September 2007-February 8, 2010
Rest in Peace.

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