Monday, October 26, 2009

Welcome Babies!

I'd like to welcome the newest babies to my home: Aquinas, Dylan, and Harrison. I think the markings on Aquinas' head look just like a tonsure-so I named him after St. Thomas Aquinas, who also had a tonsure. I'll call him Quin for short. The name Quin reminds me of the song-Quin the Eskimo by Bob Dylan...thus Dylan. When I was considering names for these 3 boys I also considered my 3 favorite guitarists-Jimmy Page, Joe Perry, and George Harrison-the rats would be Page, Perry, and Harrison. But, I went with the tonsure thing, and the related Dylan...but Harrison kept sticking to Boy #1-so he's Harrison. So who's who? You have Aquinas & Dylan in the tunnel (Aquinas on the left, Dylan slightly behind him) and Harrison peering over the ledge!