Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Feeder Corn

Last week I was at my nursery when I saw a bushel of feeder corn. Dave, my landscaper and owner of the place, said my squirrels would love it. He suggested I tie the corn to something, otherwise the squirrels would run off with the corn and I couldn't see their antics. So I bought a couple ears and when I came home tied one to the inside of my fence, by the gate. A few days went by with no interest. I was thinking of tying it to the outside of the fence-but when I came home from my trip to Cleveland-I found the corn husk on the ground on the inside of the fence. Every kernel had been eaten off! So Monday I tied up a new one. When I came home this morning I saw that the ear had been twisted and the part now sticking out near the driveway was picked clean. When I left to go to the post office a few minutes later I saw a little chipmunk running off on the other side of the garage, looking back at the corn. Hmmm. Maybe not a squirrel treat. When I came back I saw a squirrel near the apple tree, but a chipmunk was near the corn. He saw me, and ran up and through the fence to the inside. I came in-then looked out the window to see the corncob
moving. Sure enough the chipmunk was climbing on it. What fun he had. He was swinging upside down, munching on that corn. Within an hour he had taken the corn off the twine and was eating it on the ground. I'm so glad he enjoyed it. He was the only animal I saw eating it-I think I'm going to create one fat chipmunk! I'll wait a bit before putting another ear out!

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