Sunday, October 18, 2009

$1500 Flashlight

I went to Buffalo today to pick up my car. It's all fixed and winterized. If you remember from my earlier post, my car died on the thruway last week. The radiator cracked, the antifreeze leaked out causing the car to overheat. It overheated so much that the radiator burst open and the engine head ruptured as well. I should have paid more attention to the check gauges light that had been going on and off periodically. I never saw the temperature car going up, and my regular mechanic was on vacation for over a month; so I waited...too long. I also never saw a leak. But, what caused the original crack that started all this damage? My dad's mechanic found a metal flashlight lodged against the radiator. The metal grating against the plastic eventually caused the crack, which began the leak, and so on. I don't have a small metal flashlight and I certainly didn't leave it inside the hood of the car. The only way it could have gotten there was from my mechanic, leaving it there. I think I need $1500 worth of car care from him!


AutumnMommy-Laura said...

Instead of a smoking gun this is the lit flashlight. I am glad your car is all winterized. I have to get that done too.

Anonymous said...

That's almost as bad as a surgeon leaving a clamp in your body after surgery!

I hope you get something from this!

Pidge said...

"Mr Mechanic man, did you lose a flashlight?" "Why yes, I can't seem to find the little metal one I had, why do you ask" *present $1500 bill*

Gah! This is why I inventory tools after each use. Hope it works out for you!