Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I'm not young, however, I'm not old. I do have some, relatively minor, health issues and they sometimes impede my ability to do things...or at least do things comfortably and well. Due to a back injury I have a time limit restriction at work. While I can, and do, do everything my job entails, I can't work more than 12 hours a day. That shouldn't be a problem as my shift is 8 hours...but I work for the state. The state that wants you to work 16 hours is not enough people for the following shift show up. Or they want you to attend mandatory training. Such was the case yesterday. I had to go to CPR training. I was overdue and nobody caught it-so I had to go. I got home from my regular shift about midnight and had to be back for training at 8am. Training ran longer than projected, so I didn't get out til 1:30pm. I ran home, (eating a sandwich on the way) let the dog out, and returned for my regular shift. I got to leave at 9:30 (that 12 hour limit), grabbed something more to eat on the way home (still hungry even after eating another sandwich at work). I tried to catch up on the computer-but was too tired and went to bed. Now comes the recovery bit. I slept well, and a bit longer than usual. I still woke up exhausted...and my back hurts. Like I said, I'm not old...but I'm sure not young anymore!

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