Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sam's Discovery

I got home around midnight and let Sam in the yard to do his business. He was around the corner of the house, so I went to make sure he wasn't getting into trouble. I saw him digging near the basement window, but it wasn't his big digging. I went to get a closer look and I saw something jumping around as he snuffled the ground. What?? I pulled Sam back and saw baby bunnies! Sam had discovered a baby bunny nest. There seem to be 3 babies, their eyes are still closed, but they have fur. I covered them back up and pulled Sam inside. This morning I let Sam out and after a quick pee he was right at those babies! I kept dragged him away again. When I let him out for his walk-instead of waiting impatiently for his leash-he went right to those babies. I got him leashed and off we went. I don't know where the parents are-but I hope those babies move soon. They picked a great spot for the nest-right next to the house, right under the dryer vent...but they didn't take into consideration the resident dog!

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