Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Beautiful Early Fall Day

Today was a beautiful early fall day. I got up extra early as I wanted to be in Naples just after 10am for the Grape Festival. Sam and I had a quick early walk, then I gassed up the car, withdrew some cash from the ATM, and was on my way. The morning was overcast and cool-about 59 degrees, but as I headed south the skies cleared and it made for a very scenic drive. I parked in the official parking lot-what was once Widmer Winery. I noticed the new owners put their name on the building on the hill-the winery now belongs to Hazlitt. I did a lot of walking, scored some great purchases-some for gifts and some for me! I even got a kiss from a gorgeous blonde! OK, I paid for it...OK she was a Golden Retriever raising money for GRROWLS (Golden Retriever Rescue Operated With Love Statewide). I got my requisite grape pie (from Mo-Jo's). I had salt potatoes and homemade birch beer. I also made stops at The Violet Barn and Arbor Hill and a nursery in Bristol where I got some new mums. All in all a wonderful day!

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