Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Too Hot, Too Crowded, Too Worried

After 2 days of my car getting fixed I was ready to take Sam to Buffalo. We were going to visit my folks and then Mom and I, and Sam, were going to the Wine & Wags event to benefit the Erie County SPCA. I was soooo looking forward to the event. Sadly, I couldn't enjoy it. It was hot...too hot. We're talking 90's hot. There was a good variety of food, but I couldn't eat. It was also crowded...too crowded. We got there just as the event was to start and there was no parking. There were cars EVERYWHERE. There has to have been over 1,000 people there. And lots of dogs too. In addition to that, I was worried...too worried. On the way there the check gauge light came on and the temperature gauge soared to the orange. This was the issue that was supposedly just fixed. Now I was worried about getting home...on the throughway...with my dog. I was also worried about Sam. Was he too hot? Was he having fun? We only stayed about an hour. I'm so disappointed that I couldn't enjoy the event. I missed out on a lot of good food, wine, and beer. But Sam and I got home safely. The car is back waiting for the mechanic...again.

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